Time , thou anticipat’st my dread exploits; I think he’s trying to say that time isn’t always as you want it to go , that it keeps ticking and never stops , which means that you can’t go back in time . I also think he’s trying to say that hes exited for something to […]

APPLE AND RAIN By Sarah Crossan I am reading what looks like a very interesting book that is really my type of book. I have only read 2 chapters and I’m really enjoying it. Apple is a girl that’s thirteen with a d Desease called childhood amnesia. She had lost her memories from her childhood. […]


The chapter is about free aparitions and how the witches tell him about all the profecies and that something is to come.

Lennox ask’s about fleance and where he is and the lord say’s “lives in the English court”.

Hecate is angry with the witches because of what they have done –       And which is worst ,all you have done.

I This scene the lords go to have dinner at the banqueting hall with Macbeth and lady Macbeth . As they had dinner Banquo’s ghost appeared and Macbeth was the only one who could see him . The lords thought that he was acting really weird . Also Macbeth has a word with the murderer […]

It will have blood they say , blood will have blood. Blood = murder -metaphor why would you use the word blood instead of murder? Because its more direct and it adds more enthusiasm. which is more effective? = blood because the word is more This mean’s that Macbeth is trying to change something important […]

This scene involves Macduff , Lennox and the porter. In this scene the is drunk and talks about sexual behaviour with Macduff.They were happy at the time because of the álcool they have consumed .They we’re also brave and had sexual desires.

Hecate’s: A roman sculpture. Gouts:A drop or spot of something. prate:talk foolishly or at tedious length about something. It is on act 2 scene 1 What happens in the soliloquy is that Macbeth has a vision about a bloody dagger ,he tries to touch it but it is not palpable but it looks really real […]


Mine eyes are made the fool’s o’th other senses or else worth all the rest.